Best Site to Send Large Files for Free

Best Site to Send Large Files for Free

01 Dec, 2022

Best Site to Send Large Files for Free

If you want to send files to your friends or colleagues

Work.. You want to bypass the file size issue or files you want to send or share.


If you want to avoid the problem of restrictions and file type, as happens when trying to send through social media sites or e-mail, the solution is:


Using the best site to send large files for free and without registering membership.

The zero0100 website features the largest possible free space of 5 GB at a time.

In addition to the possibility of adding the validity period of the generated link.

Possibility of sending to e-mail. directly or you can choose to create a link to the uploaded file and then use the link as you want

With the possibility of writing a small message received by the second party in the e-mail sent to him.


The site is free of annoying pop-up ads

The method of use is easy and it is shown in the interface of the site

Website Link: